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Brass Round Bar CZ121

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Brass Round Bar

Grade: CZ121

Diameter: ⌀1/8" to ⌀12mm

Length: 50mm to 500mm

Cutting tolerance ± 3mm (Most often +1 or 2mm)


The machinability of alloy Brass CZ121 is excellent. It has a machinability rating of 90 where Alloy 360 FC Brass is 100.

Welding and Joining of Brass alloy CZ121

Soldering of Brass CZ121 is rated as “excellent” and brazing is “good”. Butt welding is fair but all other welding methods are not recommended.

Applications of Brass alloy CZ121

Brass CZ121 is typically used in:

- High speed machined components
- Architectural extrusions
- Locks
- Hinges